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My deskmate offered to help me learn English

问题的提出 名词性:raise of the question 动词性:raise/pose/introduce a/the question 动词性词组:put forward a/the question 或 come up with a/the question 不明白可继续提问。 若回答对您有所帮助,请点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按...

提出 [词典] propose; present; put [bring] forward; raise; [例句]请对这个文件的初稿提出修改和补充意见。 Please propose amendments and addenda to the first draft of the document.

give advice give a suggection

主人的英文叫做host,女主人则为hostess。 host的用法如下: 一、host可以指主人,可以指聚会的主人或东道主。 Apart from my host, I didn't know a single person there. Tommy Sopwith was always the perfect host. 二、host也可以指主办国...

短语,也称作词组,是两个或更多的词在一起连用、意义上相对完整但不能独立成句的语言单位。和词一样,不同的短语在句子中 可充当不同的成分。常见的短语有以下八种: 1) 名词短语(Noun Phrase) The books on the shelves belong to Professor ...

1. be absent from…. 缺席,不在 2. absence of mind(=being absent-minded) 心不在焉 3. absorb(=take up the attention of)吸引…的注意力(被动语态):be absorbed in 全神贯注于…近:be engrossed in ; be lost in ; be rapt in ;be concentrate...

涉及感官的,和一些特别的习惯用法的动词后面都用主动 如taste,smell,seem,sound,feel 后面都可以加GOOD,GREAT等构成短语 还有就是特殊用法,比如wash easily, well read等等,这些初中就比较少见了

acquire/benefit /get....from

为谁提供什么的英语词组 provide sb with sth provide sth for sb


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